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Sports Analytics

Gain insights into various analytics tool, technology and strategies used in sports. No Prerequisites required


7 weeks

INR 47,200


Starts 26th August

Course Overview

Understand how analytics is used for players, coaches, team managers, businesses, fans and sports coverage providers. Know how player performance is tracked and predicted. Understand the manager's mind while selecting a team, forming game tactics & predicting opponent's strategies. Learn how sports businesses track fan engagement and make decisions on player transfers. Understand how sports games are analyzed and players are rated.

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Who is this course for?

Players / Coaches
Students / Freshers interested in Sports Analytics

Course Methodology and Delivery

  • Case study based approach
  • Live webinars from top Data Scientists & Sports Analytic experts
  • Real life projects and simulations


  • What are the key components in Sports Analytics?
  • Goals
    • Various techniques of Data Collation, Organization and Presentation
    • Analysis to gain Insight, draw predictions and aid decision making
  • Analytics for the Coach and Management
  • Applications: For players, coaches, team managers, Businesses, fans, sports coverage providers
  • Requirements: Math Modeling, Statistics, Machine learning, SQL, R/Python, Data Viz. software
  • Career options and How to get started
  • Introduction to Data Science, Linear regression, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Career options and How to get started
  • Player performance and form: Tracking and prediction
  • Strengths and Weaknesses, Opponent analysis
  • Fitness tracking
  • Classification & Clustering
  • Case Study
  • Team Selection by tracking player form, Venue history, Opponent etc..
  • In game tactics, Post-match analysis
  • Players training regimen, balancing workload
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Case Study
  • Tracking fan engagement and loyalty and planning fan outreach
  • Decision making on Player acquisition, transfers and player valuation
  • Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis
  • Case Study
  • Platforms for Data Analytics
  • Match analysis and Outcome prediction
  • Player and team ratings
  • Data Visualization
  • Viewer Engagement - Providing access to analytical tools, Statistics on demand
  • Case Study
  • Introduction to Neural networks
  • Deep Learning possibilities in Sports Analytics - Case studies

Course Fee

INR 47,200 inclusive of all taxes

$750, inclusive of all taxes

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